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Spring Boot Buch examples

The examples that I’m gonna use throughout my book are already out in the wild and getting not only feedback, but also pull requests from the community. Checkout the GitHub org: I’m more than happy to add YOURS 🙂


Red Stack Magazin: Datenbankzentrische Anwendungen mit Spring Boot und jOOQ

I have written a German article based on this series of posts for the Red Stack Magazin of German DOAG e.V. Read the free reprint here: If you’re interested in a German talk and demo, come to the JUG Essen meet up in April, I’m looking forward to speak there. jOOQ will be a part […]


Spring Boot Buch: 2nd month

Last month I promised a quick update on my upcoming #SpringBootBuch (it has not yet a title), so here we go: Writing a book takes time, but it is really fun. Today, I send out a new version of the manuscript to my lector, now containing the full chapters for “Deployment” (which contains actuator as […]


A quick note on Spring Boot Security

I just stumbled upon an article that wants to show in great detail how to customize Spring Security inside a Spring Boot application.

It first adds the spring-boot-security-starter through…


OCPJP, Talks and the Spring Boot Buch

January was an intense month, even if it started with a week off. I didn’t have vacation during the seasons like my wife. Sad thing: We couldn’t really spend the vacation together, but that seems to be the standard when both parents are working and the number of holiday days doesn’t fit the number of […]


Video: Database centric applications with Spring Boot and jOOQ

Michael Plöd invited me to open the newly founded Spring Community Meetup Munich. Gerhard Müller from TNG made a nice recording of both talks. Thanks for that and enjoy the video: Here’s a series of posts covering the topic in greater detail: Database centric applications with Spring Boot and jOOQ.



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