About me

Michael J. Simons

I am a “Mathematisch technischer Assistent” with a strong background on Database Design, SQL and PL/SQL Programming as well as on Java and Ruby. I’m a certified Java programmer (OCPJP 8.0) as well as a certified PRINCE2® practitioner. Coding is one part of software development, architecture and the documentation thereof another. I am a certified professional for software architecture (CPSA-F).

Everytime i ran across some troubles concerning software, development or compiling stuff, i always get annoyed if i didn’t write the solution down. So i opened this blog as my personal scratch pad for some more or less usefull solutions i’ve found or developed.

Since 2016 I am a member of the NetBeans Dream Team and since 2018 I am a recognized Java Champion, an achievement that has made me extremely happy. I work as a software engineer at Neo4j.

If you like, have a look at my current CV:

Michael Simons CV 2018.

A CV including certificates is available at request as well. You may not redistribute or share my CV without my written permission.


I co-authored arc42 by example, a collection of uses of the arc42 template for architecture and I am the author of the bestselling, first German book on Spring Boot: Spring Boot 2 – Moderne Softwareentwicklung mit Spring.

List of talks

I do talks usually with a corresponding GitHub repository, but I also have a Speaker Deck as well.

Other publications

Other activities

  • JavaLand 2017: Part of the program committee
  • JavaLand 2017: Organizing JavaLand 4 Kids (Mentoring a group of about 20 kids programming Lego Mindstorms)
  • JavaLand 2018: Mentor for the newcomers program at JavaLand 2018
  • JavaLand 2018: Part of the program committee

You’ll find a list of featured and noteworthy posts on the start page.

In case of any questions, drop me a line at michael@simons.ac. You may also add me on LinkedIn or XING, but really, follow me on twitter: