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April recap: JAX 2018 and having a bestselling book on Amazon

We’re only in for 4 months in 2018 and I can not believe all the stuff already happened. I did one final iteration of my talk about Spring Boot starters at JUG Saxony in Leipzig. It was their 100th meet up and the welcomed me with great hospitality. I was very happy to meet my […]


March 2018 recap

March 2018 was a damn crazy month. It began with the release of Spring Boot 2.0 which meant big congratulations to the whole Spring Boot team and more work on my side: I’ve updated all examples for the Spring Boot Buch, went through the manuscript one last time and sent it to my publisher. I’ve […]


Code examples in your Keynote or Powerpoint-Presentations

Code examples, when nicely executed, are a good and valid alternative to live coding. In the end, when you’re not Venkat or Josh, what is live coding anyway? Most of the time one does rehearse the code anyway 😉 Before you add code to your slides, have a look at this presentation by Uri Native […]


Revised Actuators in Spring Boot 2

This post has been featured on This Week in Spring – February 20th, 2018 and I’m feel honored to be referred as “Spring community legend” but even more so to be listed next to a lot of people who’s work I use on a daily basis. Thanks, Josh. Tim from Ordina posted a nice blog […]


Spring Security 5: New password storage format

Spring Security 5 has been out for some days now. People on Spring Boot 1 or plain Spring must manually upgrade their dependencies at the moment to notice the new kid on the block. But with Spring Boot 2 Spring Security 5 will be the default for new applications but also for applications that are […]


Use Keycloak with your Spring Boot 2 application

This post has been featured in the 7th anniversary edition of This Week in Spring – January 2n, 2018. Important updates on March 22nd, 2018: Thanks to valid feedback from friends and colleagues Stéphane and Jochen and in the light of the high interested in this post, I have updated the demo. I basically removed […]



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