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Run your integration tests against Testcontainers with GraalVM native image

I have started working with a small team on an exciting project at Neo4j. The project is about database connectivity (what else) and we use Testcontainers in our integration tests, asserting the actual network connectivity and eventually the API. The thing we are creating should of course also work when being compiled as part of […]


Why would a Neo4j person be so found of an embedded, relational database?

I am working since 2018 for Neo4j. At Neo4j I maintain both Spring Data Neo4j and Neo4j-OGM, both object mappers and entity managers for our database product. This is a great job in a great company with awesome colleagues such as my friends Gerrit and Michael. Some other projects I created on the job are […]


Integrate the AuthManager of Neo4j’s Java Driver with Spring Boot

The following post is more a less a dump of code. Since version 5.8 the official Neo4j drivers supports expiration of authentication tokens (see Introduce AuthToken rotation and session auth support. The PR states: “The feature might also be referred to as a refresh or re-auth. In practice, it allows replacing the current token with […]


The best way to use Testcontainers from your Spring Boot tests!

After a long time of blog hiatus, I was in the mood of trying out one of these “The best way to XYZ” posts for once. While Spring Boot 3 and Spring Framework 6 releases have focused a lot on revamping the application context and annotation processing for GraalVM native image compatibility (and “boring” tasks […]


Spring Data and Spring Data Neo4j join the “No OFFSET Movement!”

Markus Winand has blogged about tool support for keyset pagination nearly a decade ago and of course my friend Lukas Eder has picked up that topic and did not only blog about it several times but implemented tool support with the the synthetic seek-clause of jOOQ. As the seek clause in jOOQ is excellent for […]


Weekly digest 2022-50

While listening to the beautiful Kahedi Radio Show, I’m having a hard time this week to put down words; I feel done for the year. Wrt music, one interesting documentary I watched last week was this: It’s about the ever increasing prices of concert tickets and about the business of Ticketmaster, Livenation and Eventim. And […]



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