NetBeans, Maven and Spring Boot… more fun together

First NetBeans Day in Cologne
September 10, 2016 by Michael

At the 1st NetBeans Day Cologne I gave a talk about why I think that the combination of NetBeans, Maven and Spring Boot is more fun together.

Together with me were Michael Müller, who spoke about the upcoming support of Java 9s JShell in NetBeans and I’m totally curious how that will work with my Spring projects. I imagine that really useful.

And certainly, Geertjan Wielenga from Oracle was there, spoke a little bit about NetBeans background and the upcoming features. His second talk was about OracleJET and how NetBeans support that concept of enterprise JavaScript programming.

So my talk: I have a full working demo right here: and if you walk through the slides and codes, you’ll even find a coupon for my book.

That said the demo is centered around a super simple REST application that registers people for the NetBeans day. If you familiar with Spring Boot and Spring Data, the stuff isn’t probably to new, but you can still learn about the NB-SpringBoot plugin which does a lot of the stuff in NetBeans, that STS or IntelliJ do for Spring Boot.

The second part of my talk is about two great libraries respectively Maven plugins, Project Lombok and JaCoCo:


Project Lombok want’s to remove some of Javas necessary boilerplate code, that is: You can replace Getter and Setter with annotations, as well as constructors, equals/hashCode and more. Lombok is a source code annotation post processor and I always thought that I will have a hard time using it in a sane way in an IDE, but that’s actually not the case, you have in contrast, instant IDE support, as I tweeted before. People where surprised who easy Spring Boot can be used inside NetBeans, but the integration of Lombok and JaCoCo was really eye opening for some.

I’m gonna try something new here and show you what I did as a little screencast. The video references the repository above, it uses the commit fa22a87. It’s the first time I recorded something like this, so sorry, if’s a bit rough:

For anyone who doesn’t want to watch a video, Geertjan took some pictures:

I’m really convinced after using NetBeans for 2 years now after many years Eclipse, it deserves a voice. It’s a great tool and most of the time, it just works. And the best: It’s free and open source. I think the new title of Geertjans slides are even better than the jigsaws:

Ever seen kids playing with Lego? Sometimes the result doesn’t look as polished as the sets, but often they work as equally good. NetBeans may not be polished as other, much more expensive IDEs, but that actually doesn’t matter much to me.

For the evening a big thank you to Faktorzehn for providing a great place and great food and drinks, much appreciated.

If you have a JUG or a company who wants to learn more about that stuff, drop me a line, we probably can arrange something. I can give this talk in German as well as in English and can extend all topics, Spring Boot with NetBeans, Maven or Docker.

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  1. Robert wrote:

    Netbeans always focuses more on a smooth and integrated experience compared to Eclipse. I am using it for years. Lombok seems to be interesting. Thanks.

    Posted on September 12, 2016 at 10:09 AM | Permalink
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