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CW42 recap
October 22, 2016 by Michael

The last month was quite a ride. Sometimes I think my life has never been better. So many nice and great people in my life, its hard to believe and I am really grateful.

First of all, thanks to my company, ENERKO Informatik for giving me the opportunities to do this stuff. I really need a place on that site to write more stuff some time soon.

NetBeans Dream Team

dream team Geertjan approached me some weeks ago in the name of the NetBeans Dream Team if I want to be a part of it. What a question! Its an honor to be part of such a great open source movement.

This was the announcement last Friday: Seven New NetBeans Dream Team Members. Look at the other 6 people: Attila Kelemen who created the Gradle support and Bruno Flávio, engaged in Groovy as well as in Grails (which is by the way, also Spring Based… I should really have a look at v3 some time).

JPA modeler by Gaurav Gupta surely isn’t only useful for Java EE but also if you use JPA / Hibernate stand alone.

We also have Emmanuel Hugonnet and Leonardo Zanivan on board who actively engage in community, organize NetBean events and more.

You even can get a NetBeans certification, just follow Ryan Cupraks guide.

Hibernate community blog

Vlad Mihalcea, author of High-Performance Java Persistence started a series of interviews on In relation to, the Hibernate community blog.

The first interview was with Petar Tahchiev who I met at Spring I/O earlier this year. Petar is a data geek and founder of the Nemesis platform.

Yesterday, Vlad published my interview, have a look: Meet Michael Simons.


I published my article about “basics” in German and English on JAXEnter, have a look:

JUG Alert: Über JUG Treffen für Anfänger und die JUG Kaiserslautern im Porträt

JUGs – Beginner or rock-star meetup?

Having an open environment for people to meet and discuss is in my opinion as much as important as having a free and open source IDE. Thanks Dominik for the opportunity to publish this!

Foto for the article: “Dream Team” by Thomas Hawk.

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