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On dependency injection


Today is one of those days where I either react to short tempered or don’t get my point across: Did attribute injection for years? Try to change to constructor based injection and have the circular dependencies slapped into your face… — Michael Simons (@rotnroll666) June 13, 2016 This is what I’m experiencing those days, with […]

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On software improvement


As you may know, I’m running the daily photo project Daily Fratze for more then 10 years now. What started as a simple PHP script in the late summer of 2005 grow into a Ruby On Rails application during 2006 and in 2010 i started writing the current version in Java, based on the Spring […]

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Rails’ respond_to method


Ruby On Rails has a neat little feature called “respond_to”: class WeblogController < ActionController::Base def index @posts = Post.find :all respond_to do |format| format.html format.xml { render :xml => @posts.to_xml } format.rss { render :action => "feed.rxml" } end end end Quelle This feature uses the routes with the new default route since 1.2: map.connect […]

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Apple AFP SharePoints


Im Moment baue ich einen Mac Mini Core Solo zum Media und Webserver aus. Für diesen Zweck hat das Gerät eine nette, externe Platte mit hinreichend Platz bekommen. Hin- und herüberlegt: Wenn ich Samba nutze, müssen die Kennwörter des entsprechenden Accounts “unsicher” gespeichert werden. Das klingt nicht gut. Also habe ich mich für AFP entschieden. […]

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