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Why do we overwork and burnout?


This is the third post in my series of Running free… A developers story of development. Here I will speak about my surroundings in German society and in a German company and why I overworked nevertheless and what I learned from my behaviour and mistakes therein. This piece has been written before the #COVID-19 crisis. […]

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Miles are my meditation


This is the second post in my series of Running free… A developers story of development. In this part I will focus on what actually helped me defocus my head from spiralling around work related issues and problems. Cognitive therapy – Miles are my meditation In 2017, I was writing my second book, running the […]

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Running free… A developers story of development.


This is gonna be the first of four parts accompanying my talk with the same name: Running free… A developers story of development. which I held in March 2020 at the inaugural launch of I’m grateful that Venkat Subramaniam gave me the opportunity to do this. Sadly, got cancelled respectively postponed due to […]

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Polyglot programming on the GraalVM


(*) As of now R, Ruby, Python and JavaScript 😉 GraalVM consists of a Java Compiler, a VM and a JDK based on HotSpot/OpenJDK, implemented in Java. These days it’s all about additional execution modes compared to the standard JVM, mainly ahead-of-time compilation and the creation of native images. Native images are an important piece […]

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Query all the things


Over the last weekend, I had some time on my hands and revisited my biking application: That application turned 10 this year, started as a Sinatra based Ruby application in 2009 and helped me a lot from the late 2013 and early 2014 in my career. Back then, I was using Spring for a […]

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