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2015 and gone…


2015 is coming to end, at least regarding work. The last things i did in December where preparing system specification for a mobile app (targeting BlackBerry) and learning how to create, communicate and maintain good architecture in Munich with Gernot Starke and Peter Hruschka: Not only i took home a lot of great books, insides, […]

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New theme


I’ve been using the old “PlainTextBlog” theme since 2006, when i started writing this blog, time for a change, i guess. I was very happy with the free template for by, so i gave Pixelarity i try and bought access for some months. This theme here is now based on Archetype and I’m […]

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WordPress 2.2 Update


Wordpress 2.2 arrived a day ago. Updating was no problem at all. Prominent new features are wigdet support without the need for an external plugin and a working atom 1.0 feed. I could drop two plugins: the widget plugin and the atom10 plugin. Nice. All others work as before (some important to mention are UTW, […]

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Hello again…


Just get rid off K2, it was way to slow… Now i use a slightly modified theme from, which i like a lot. More to come after the easter holidays.

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Es ist erstaunlich, so habe ich mein kleines Nerdblog noch nicht erlebt: Schnell, wie andere WordPressblogs sind. Gehostet wird die Domain bei und davon profitiert jetzt auch Just another nerd blog, dass von nach umgezogen ist. So macht das Bloggen mit WordPress tatsächlich Spaß und deshalb wird hier in Zukunft auch […]

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