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Short end of the year status update.


Last year – 2018 – I ended up with 21 post on my blog, this one here, the last of this decade at this blog, will be the 11th of 2019. What happened? I have been working more than ever, and happier than ever. Together with Gerrit Meier, we managed to bring down the open […]

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Spring Security 5.1: Upgrade / Rehash stored passwords


In this post from early 2018, I described the new password infrastructure of Spring Security 5.0. As the post got some feedback the last couple of days, I jumped back a bit into Spring Security code and noticed this method here: PasswordEncoder#upgradeEncoding. Hm, what does it do? It turns out, it works together with the […]

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Using Thymeleaf inline JavaScript with D3.js


I gave this talk several times now and every time I got asked how I created this visualization, clustering the genres I’m listening to by decade and country: I just did a super spontaneous video for that. Key take away: Just use server side rendered HTML through Thymeleaf, obviously running on Spring Boot, render the […]

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