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Oracle JET: JavaScript components for mere mortals?


The final post in this series is about adding a front end to the analytic queries created with jOOQ and published through Spring Boot / MVC throughout the previous posts: Database centric applications with Spring Boot and jOOQ Create a Oracle Database Docker container for your Spring Boot + jOOQ application Take control of your […]

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An HTTP api for analytic queries


This post has been featured on This Week in Spring – November 8, 2016 and I’m so happy to be referred as “friend of the Spring community” 🙂 So, you have read through the previous parts of this series (1, 2 and 3) and you now have a Spring Boot project with jOOQ enabled, an […]

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Modify memory settings of the Oracle Aurora JVM


Use the following class to view and modify the settings of the embedded JVM inside an Oracle database. The class has been tested on 10g and 11g, memory settings and information are in Megabyte. SET DEFINE OFF CREATE OR REPLACE AND COMPILE JAVA SOURCE NAMED “MemoryStatistics” AS import oracle.aurora.vm.OracleRuntime; public class MemoryStatistics { public final […]

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Pretty print XML data within Oracle Databases


Just a short post without further explanation. Pretty printing xml in Oracle 10g and 11g differences quite a bit: 10g: SELECT XMLTYPE('<html><body><p>Hallo, Welt.</p></body></html>’).extract(’/’) FROM dual;select XMLTYPE(‘<html><body><p>Hallo, Welt.</p></body></html>’).extract(‘/’) from dual; 11g: SELECT XMLSERIALIZE(Document XMLTYPE('<html><body><p>Hallo, Welt.</p></body></html>’) AS CLOB INDENT SIZE = 2) FROM dual;select XMLSERIALIZE(Document XMLTYPE(‘<html><body><p>Hallo, Welt.</p></body></html>’) as CLOB INDENT SIZE = 2) from dual;

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