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oEmbedding twitter updates with Java and WordPress


I’m really a big fan of oEmbed. My project Daily Fratze acts as oEmbed provider and consumer for example. Now I’m really happy that twitter announced that it now acts as an oembed provider: Introducing the statuses/oembed endpoint:… ^TS — Twitter API (@twitterapi) Dezember 8, 2011 (I’d even be happier if twitter would autodiscover […]

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Extended Live Archives and WordPress 3.0


The Extended Live Archives Plugin does not work with WordPress 3.0, opposed to the plugin page. I still like this plugin as seen here, so here is my solution: Download the archive Open includes/af-extended-live-archive.js.php and includes/af-ela.php in your favorite editor Replace in both files require(’../../../../wp-blog-header.php’);require(‘../../../../wp-blog-header.php’); with require_once(’../../../../wp-config.php’); $wp_did_header = true; $wp->init();require_once(‘../../../../wp-config.php’); $wp_did_header = true; $wp->init(); […]

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Patching wp-cache for more security


I use wp-cache on all my blogs all the time. No need waiting for being slashdotted or heised. But wp-cache comes with a security flaw. It requires the webserver to have write access on $WP_HOME/wp-content/cache and $WP_HOME/wp-content. The first part is perfectly reasonable, the second not. wp-cache creates it’s wp-cache-config.php in that place and edits […]

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WordPress 2.5 and http error codes


Am i the only one who’s annoyed that WordPress 2.5 sends a http 500 code if a commentor doesn’t fill in all required fields? Any Internet Explorer 6 or 7 user won’t see any error message but a “this page cannot be displayed!” page. Stupid decision. Otherwise, the update went smooth as far as i […]

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A muzzle for WordPress 2.3 and the Akismet Plugin


As reported here and elsewhere, Dexter is somewhat talkative. I recommend the following 2 steps program: Stop sending your url If you already have used WordPress 2.3, use the 123 Anonymer Versionscheck 0.10. It will anonymize your data, but a minimum of 1 request with personal data will happen, that is while using the plugin […]

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