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Writing your own Spring Boot starter: wro4j-spring-boot-starter


I’ve been using Wro4j by Alex Objelean for more than 4 years now in a “classic” Spring application, see my post from January 2012 here. The tool has been immensely useful and stable. With my setup at, i can disable concatenation and minification during development and have optimized resources during production without much hassle. […]

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How to fix jQuery UIs autocomplete width


I recently noticed that the combobox item on an jQuery UI autocomplete grows way beyond the textfield input which is kinda ugly. This is how i fix it (that is, make it as width as the input item): $.extend($.ui.autocomplete.prototype.options, { open: function(event, ui) { $(this).autocomplete("widget").css({ "width": ($(this).width() + "px") }); } }); This code applies […]

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Add touch support to jQuery FancyBox 1.3.4


I’m using jQuery FancyBox on I still use version 1.3.4 which is released under MIT and GPL license, if i remember correctly version 2 has not been always available under an open license but i’m maybe wrong. But nevertheless, version 2 also lacks touch support like 1.3.4 does. This can be changed if you’re […]

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Optimizing web resources with wro4j, Spring and ehcache


I think that almost no website today can do without JavaScript. There are some incredible good JavaScript libraries like jQuery for which an enormous mass of plugins and extensions exits. The downside of this is, that for example the JavaScript code of my daily picture project Daily Fratze is bigger than the whole startpage of […]

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