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Integration testing with Docker and Maven


This post will use Maven the Maven Failsafe Plugin Docker and the docker-maven-plugin by fabric8 to provide an integration test environment for Spring Boot applications, running at least JUnit 4.12, Spring Boot 1.4, the Failsafe plugin in the version managed by Spring Boot and the latest docker-maven-plugin. Gerald Venzl asked for it on twitter especially […]

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Maven snippets


This post will contain some Maven snippets that i use and forget regularly (similar to my Git Post). Download the sources of all dependencies of a project if available: mvn dependency:sourcesmvn dependency:sources Download the JavaDoc for all dependencies if available: mvn dependency:resolve -Dclassifier=javadoc -Dtype=jarmvn dependency:resolve -Dclassifier=javadoc -Dtype=jar Check for updates of all direct dependencies: mvn […]

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