Monthly Archives: July 2007

RMagick vs. the Rest of the World


Installing RMagick seems to be a major pain in the ass… On all systems i got my hands on. On a fresh Ubuntu Feisty Fawn gems presented me this: configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables Hrmpf, ImageMagick was installed, gcc for sure… What did i miss? 1. sudo apt-get install imagemagick 2. sudo apt-get […]

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Simple tokenizing with Oracle PL/SQL


I was in need of tokenizing some comma delimited data within an Oracle Database. A pity, there’s no split for a varchar2 like java.lang.String.split. I could have used Java in the database, but that would be lame, too.j I found this little function which uses pipelined results, that is, it returns his results while being […]

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On Java Threads: A fairytale of a tutorial


I always thought that the Java Thread API is something… strange. If you work in a frontend application, things like running long-running tasks in the back without having the GUI ugly frozen and not responding should be somewhat simpler. SwingWorker has been around for quite a time but made it just recently into the core […]

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Raid 0 or 1 with Mac OS X

Some people tend to mock Mac OS X in favour of some other Unixes, but i like it… For me, it sucks least. Today i took some relativly small external firewire drives (250 GB each), attached them to my “always on” serving Mac Mini and it took less than 5 minutes to build a RAID […]

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