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Sad things in germany


Haltet die Fresse! Glotzt mehr TV! “Shut up and watch tv”: Martin Schmitt ends his witty blog as a result §202c StGB that forbids “Hackertools” like wireshark, nmap and co as well as instructions for penetration tests for example. German Heise News. The post is well and sad written and i can totally understand him, […]

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Don’t make that sad smilie cry even more


Escaping single quotes in ruby is the same mess as in java: puts ":'(".gsub(’\”, ‘\\\\\”)puts ":'(".gsub(‘\”, ‘\\\\\”) I needed this to make the smilies after my comment box (here) clickable. Shortly after that, i found escape_javascript, maybe it still comes in handy.

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Comment notification


I use Subscribe to Comments on all my wordpress blogs, even before Tante had askes so nicely for it… The plugin broke with WP 2.2, if you try to change you subscriptions, you ended up with the following message: “You may not access this page without a valid key.”. So please all your WordPress users […]

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Remote hdd cloning

Some time ago i managed to clone the drive of my server over ssh. Although transmission was compressed with bzip2 it took awful long and i didn’t have a clue how long i would finally take. Today i stumpled upon this post. The author uses a tool called pv: pv – monitor the progress of […]

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