Monthly Archives: September 2007

A muzzle for WordPress 2.3 and the Akismet Plugin


As reported here and elsewhere, Dexter is somewhat talkative. I recommend the following 2 steps program: Stop sending your url If you already have used WordPress 2.3, use the 123 Anonymer Versionscheck 0.10. It will anonymize your data, but a minimum of 1 request with personal data will happen, that is while using the plugin […]

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WordPress uptodate checker

Yesterday i’ve installed WordPress 2.3 without too much problems. The new uptodate check for plugins is nice, out of question, but already yesterday i thought: hm, everybody is whining about Microsoft products phoning home, nobody gives a shit about wordpress doing the same. The Nighwatchman has an in depth analysis about the data transferred to […]

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Upgrading to WordPress 2.3 “Dexter”


In the first place, i wanted to wait to here some more news about the latest release of WordPress, called “Dexter” (I don’t think about some saxophonist, but about Dexter Morgan). But, as you know, curiosity killed the cat, i couldn’t wait and with the announcement yesterday, i created a patch file (they forgot the […]

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Grails 0.6: Modifying JavaScript Libraries


Grails has a good mechanism for including JavaScript Libraries to do all that fance Ajax stuff. It all starts with: <g:javascript library="scripaculous" /><g:javascript library="scripaculous" /> Library can be one of yahoo, prototype, dojo, scriptaculous or rico. It’s a nice fact, that Grails doesn’t force you to use any special of these. I wanted to change […]

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