Monthly Archives: March 2008

WordPress 2.5 and http error codes


Am i the only one who’s annoyed that WordPress 2.5 sends a http 500 code if a commentor doesn’t fill in all required fields? Any Internet Explorer 6 or 7 user won’t see any error message but a “this page cannot be displayed!” page. Stupid decision. Otherwise, the update went smooth as far as i […]

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UI Design


Apple, Google and you: Hilarious, but true. Although being somewhat different and currently under heavy critic (i.e. here) as far as Apple is concert, both Apples and Googles interface designs are appealing, at least to me and the comic summarize this very well: Do one thing and do this well. The strip was posted here, […]

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Feeling dizzy…


After staring at this for about a day in various rotations and flips just to get Oracle GeoRaster work together with a homebrew GIS like application made me feel somewhat dizzy. To be cartesian or not cartesian, that is the question 😉 Otherwise, Oracle GeoRaster works quite well, at least for that bunch of german […]

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Handle EXIF data with ruby (and style…)


I use rmagick when it comes to deal with images. I’m not that disappointed like Zed Shaw with rmagick (but Zed is totally right when he points out on page 4: “[…] and is difficult to install (unless your computer is nearly exactly the same as the author’s).”), but when it comes to deal with […]

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First time ever to Cebit


Yesterday i meet Jan in Hanover at the Cebit:   Talking with him was great, Cebit… I’m not so excited. Less comercial overkill and more interessting nerdig topics would be better. Also, i woke up with cold this morning, should have listened to this post. Anyway, was a nice trip in the end and not […]

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