Monthly Archives: April 2008

Tired of all the powerpoint presentations…


Right now i’m in Wiesbaden, attending the JAX 2008 conference. The mood is somewhat different compared to the DOAG i used to visit the last years. The people are more open minded, partially much younger and generally try to be much cooler. And for the sake of it, some are even more interesting and after […]

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Beyond all evil: Javas definition of an object


Some days i ago, i decided to revamp my ambitions to get the scjp thingy done. What exactly for, i don’t know. But working to the self tests, i found the following: class Ring { final static int x2 = 7; final static Integer x4 = 8; public static void main(String[] args) { Integer x1 […]

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Patching wp-cache for more security


I use wp-cache on all my blogs all the time. No need waiting for being slashdotted or heised. But wp-cache comes with a security flaw. It requires the webserver to have write access on $WP_HOME/wp-content/cache and $WP_HOME/wp-content. The first part is perfectly reasonable, the second not. wp-cache creates it’s wp-cache-config.php in that place and edits […]

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JDBC: Autogenerated keys revisited.


Some months ago i wrote about retrieving auto generated values with JDBC from an Oracle Database: JDBC: Get autogenerated keys on a Oracle DB. The solution i presented in the previous article doesn’t run in a Oracle Java Stored Procedure. To accomplish this, use a callable statement like this: final String sql = "BEGIN INSERT […]

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