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Batchconvert ascii to utf8


Next time i see umlauts in source, I’ll scream. Loud. In the mean time I try this: find . -iname "*.java" -exec sh -c ‘iconv -f cp1252 -t utf-8 {} > {}.utf8’ \; for i in `(find . -name "*.utf8")`; do mv $i ${i/.utf8/}; donefind . -iname "*.java" -exec sh -c ‘iconv -f cp1252 -t […]

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I’d love to understand what makes people create abominations such as this: if((foo ? !bar : true)) if(!somethingelse) dosomething()if((foo ? !bar : true)) if(!somethingelse) dosomething() I don’t want to judge anyone, the thing actually worked, but i really want to understand why people don’t see that this is crap. I’m really aware of the fact, […]

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