Monthly Archives: July 2009

Creating a self containing mvc application with Sinatra


I recently presented, a Sinatra based application written in Ruby. Its main purpose for me is to keep track of my milage in 2009. Although the application is completely self containing it has some nice features: Simple setup The application is simple and i didn’t want to use a “big” database like PostgreSQL or […]

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Javas String.replaceAll


The following statement "foo baz".replaceAll("baz","$bar");"foo baz".replaceAll("baz","$bar"); will present you an java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal group reference exception as the replacement string can contain backreferences to the search pattern as stated in Mather#replaceAll: This method first resets this matcher. It then scans the input sequence looking for matches of the pattern. Characters that are not part of any […]

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