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Using SQL*Plus without tnsnames.ora


As often, a quick reminder for me. I’m using the Oracle Instaclient on my Mac without a tnsnames.ora and i keep forgetting the connectstring syntax: sqlplus USER/PASS@//HOST:PORT/SIDsqlplus USER/PASS@//HOST:PORT/SID Extra bonus points: Through in rlwrap to get a nice commandline history and completion as used to in a standard shell: rlwrap sqlplus USER/PASS@//HOST:PORT/SIDrlwrap sqlplus USER/PASS@//HOST:PORT/SID

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Linux: Persistent wake-on-lan


Just a quick reminder for myself: You need to enable wake-on-lan on the nic in most linux distributions via ethtool. If your nic supports WOL, it probably needs to be enabled in your computers BIOS first. Most WOL tools use the “MagicPacket(tm)” method, so the right command to enable it on the nic “eth0” would […]

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