Monthly Archives: January 2012

The dangers of Javas ImageIO


Javas ImageIO works… well, most of the time. It contains some unfixed, jpeg related bugs, but it works. It may contain some dangers when used in a webbased application for generation large images on the fly. Most problems are related to ImageIOs filed based caching and not flushing buffers when an IOException in an underlying […]

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Optimizing web resources with wro4j, Spring and ehcache


I think that almost no website today can do without JavaScript. There are some incredible good JavaScript libraries like jQuery for which an enormous mass of plugins and extensions exits. The downside of this is, that for example the JavaScript code of my daily picture project Daily Fratze is bigger than the whole startpage of […]

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Creating a CSRF protection with Spring 3.1


Note: This tutorial is for Spring Security 3.1, an updated version that uses the build-in CSRF protection of Spring Security 3.2 can be found here CSRF Attacks still seems to be a problem, a pity that there is no standard solution in the Spring 3.1 framework. Although not probably, i wanted to protect my projects […]

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Mac OS X Lion loses network connection after sleep


Sleep related problems have never been a problem for me with OS X (at least the sleep of the machine) since Lion. Sleep works perfectly fine but after wake my machine has no internet connection anymore, at least it looks like this. It’s only domains that aren’t resolved anymore. It also affects wired and wifi […]

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