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Twitter Bootstrap: Make the default pills more usable


The default basic pills from Bootstrap are somewhat useless as they don’t change their state (class=”active”). I use the following javascript snippet to change that: $(’ul.nav.nav-pills li a’).click(function() { $(this).parent().addClass(’active’).siblings().removeClass(’active’); });$(‘ul.nav.nav-pills li a’).click(function() { $(this).parent().addClass(‘active’).siblings().removeClass(‘active’); });

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How to retrieve tables of custom object types with JDBC


The following is not only a personal reminder for me but also a first try to answer some questions on Stack Overflow… You can create custom object types in an Oracle database like so: CREATE TYPE t_demo_object AS OBJECT ( some_number NUMBER, some_string varchar2(32) ) /CREATE TYPE t_demo_object AS OBJECT ( some_number number, some_string varchar2(32) […]

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Oracle, JBDC, CallableStatements and named parameters


Update: Please take a note of comment #5 by DSurber. He works for Oracle and sheds some light on named parameters. In short: The names of the parameter do not refer to named placeholders in statement (like in JPA for example) but to PL/SQL named parameters!. Thank you very much. You might have wondered what […]

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Java 7, JAAS and Kerberos Single Sign-on vs. newer Windows Systems

Java Authentication and Authorization Service aka JAAS is a pretty neat way to build a pluggable authentication mechanism for a Java application. My goal was to build a Single Sign-on (SSO) mechanism targeted on Windows machines (Windows XP SP3, Windows 7) that uses the cached kerberos ticket. The jaas configuration should be pretty simple: name_of_the_login_context […]

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VMware Fusion Ctrl+Alt+Del

And again, another quick reminder for myself: How to enter/send Ctrl+Alt+Del with VMware Fusion without using the menubar: On an external keyboard: Ctrl+Alt+Del (⌃+⌥+⌦) On an internal MacBook keyboard: Fn+Ctrl+Alt+Del (Fn+⌃+⌥+⌦)

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