Monthly Archives: February 2014

Boot your application with Spring Boot


This is the first Post in my series Developing a web application with Spring Boot, AngularJS and Java 8 and has been featured in This Week in Spring – April 15, 2014. Spring Boot makes it very easy to get you up and running with the Spring ecosystem without the need for XML configuration and […]

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On my way to Java 8


This is a post where i want to collect some new expressions i’m learning on my way to Java 8. Hopefully i’ll keep updating it… Use an IntStream to generate an Array with constant default values // The "() -> 23" is a lambda that matches the functional interface of a Supplier // The the […]

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Modify memory settings of the Oracle Aurora JVM


Use the following class to view and modify the settings of the embedded JVM inside an Oracle database. The class has been tested on 10g and 11g, memory settings and information are in Megabyte. SET DEFINE OFF CREATE OR REPLACE AND COMPILE JAVA SOURCE NAMED “MemoryStatistics” AS import oracle.aurora.vm.OracleRuntime; public class MemoryStatistics { public final […]

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