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Grails: Completely disable stacktrace.log file


Regarding my question on twitter about completely disabling the creation of stacktrace.log from a Grails application in production mode, here is my answer: environments { production { log4j = { appenders { null name:’stacktrace’ } } } development { } }environments { production { log4j = { appenders { null name:’stacktrace’ } } } development […]

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Grails’ withFormat block


Some things are not really different in Rails and Grails world. The pendant to Rails’ respond_to method is Grails withFormat block. Both are supposed to render a different content type as requested according to the accept header and and the format parameter. And both fail to some extend with Internet Explorer 5.5 to 7.0. For […]

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Grails, Hibernate, Current Session Context


Graeme was so kind to help me with this problem. My app worked well with Grails 1.0.4 but not in 1.1-beta3 any more. My first wild guess leading to a HibernateException: contains is not valid without active transactionHibernateException: contains is not valid without active transaction exception was my use of annotated Hibernate classes together with […]

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Grails startup parameter


Just some snippets from the doku that I tend to forget: Run grails on a different port: grails -Dserver.port=9090 run-appgrails -Dserver.port=9090 run-app Run grails with a different environment: grails prod run-app // production grails -Dgrails.env=mycustomenv run-app // mycustomenvgrails prod run-app // production grails -Dgrails.env=mycustomenv run-app // mycustomenv

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Some random Grails thoughts and tipps


Lately i’ve been rambling and ranting a lot on twitter about the Grails framework. To my surprise, many other developers actually read this tweets and helped me out on some problems. Thanks a lot gals and guys, i really appreciate that. Me rambling isn’t meant to be personal at any time, i guess you know […]

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