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June Wrap up


June was a very though month. I did quite some traveling and thus had hardly time for biking. Cycling wise worst June ever, below 300km in total. Spring Boot Buch Two weeks ago I received several drafts for the cover and I’m quite happy with them and already decided for one. (By the way, I […]

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Get your InstrumentationLoadTimeWeaver recognized by LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean


org.springframework.orm.jpa.LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean is LoadTimeWeaverAware and as thus should be provided with such. Usually this would be done with a @Configuration, but then there is SPR-10856. In short: a LoadTimeWeaverAwareProcessor is provided before post processing the bean factory. This means that an @Bean inside a configuration class comes to load for load time weaving. At least for […]

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Boot your application with Spring Boot


This is the first Post in my series Developing a web application with Spring Boot, AngularJS and Java 8 and has been featured in This Week in Spring – April 15, 2014. Spring Boot makes it very easy to get you up and running with the Spring ecosystem without the need for XML configuration and […]

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JPA Criteria Query or plain SQL


Note: The following stuff is not Hibernate specific but is true for every JPA2 provider and falls into the category of JPA criteria query. Some days ago i just saw this video Christin Gorman about Hibernate. Although i don’t agree with her and i actually do like hibernate as a great tool, there are certainly […]

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