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Validate nested Transaction settings with Spring and Spring Boot


The Spring Framework has had an outstanding, declarative Transaction management for years now. The configurable options maybe overwhelming at first, but important to accommodate many different scenarios. Three of them stick out: propagation, isolation and to some lesser extend, read-only mode (more on that a bit later) propagation describes what happens if a transaction is […]

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June Wrap up


June was a very though month. I did quite some traveling and thus had hardly time for biking. Cycling wise worst June ever, below 300km in total. Spring Boot Buch Two weeks ago I received several drafts for the cover and I’m quite happy with them and already decided for one. (By the way, I […]

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Get your InstrumentationLoadTimeWeaver recognized by LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean


org.springframework.orm.jpa.LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean is LoadTimeWeaverAware and as thus should be provided with such. Usually this would be done with a @Configuration, but then there is SPR-10856. In short: a LoadTimeWeaverAwareProcessor is provided before post processing the bean factory. This means that an @Bean inside a configuration class comes to load for load time weaving. At least for […]

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Boot your application with Spring Boot


This is the first Post in my series Developing a web application with Spring Boot, AngularJS and Java 8 and has been featured in This Week in Spring – April 15, 2014. Spring Boot makes it very easy to get you up and running with the Spring ecosystem without the need for XML configuration and […]

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