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SQL Snippets


Some useful SQL Snippets: Oracle Create a date without any formatting hassle (like to_date): SELECT DATE’2014-01-01′ FROM dual;select date’2014-01-01′ from dual; Extract values as numbers from a date object SELECT EXTRACT (YEAR FROM DATE’2013-05-06’) FROM dual; SELECT EXTRACT (MONTH FROM DATE’2013-05-06’) FROM dual; SELECT EXTRACT (DAY FROM DATE’2013-05-06’) FROM dual;select extract (year from date’2013-05-06′) from […]

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Java implementation of Excels statistical functions NORMINV


I was recently in need of a java implementation of the inverted normal distribution function, named “NORMINV” in Excel 2003 and later: NORMINV. I only found a JavaScript implementation in kmpm’s repository norminv.js. It has quite a history, coming over C# from C++. I have the impression nobody wants to deal with the mathematics 😉 […]

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How to retrieve tables of custom object types with JDBC


The following is not only a personal reminder for me but also a first try to answer some questions on Stack Overflow… You can create custom object types in an Oracle database like so: CREATE TYPE t_demo_object AS OBJECT ( some_number NUMBER, some_string varchar2(32) ) /CREATE TYPE t_demo_object AS OBJECT ( some_number number, some_string varchar2(32) […]

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Oracle “sleep” procedure: DBMS_LOCK.SLEEP


There’s a nice little “sleep” procedure in Oracle: A procedure that stops the execution of the current thread for n seconds. Strangely, this method can be called in SQL*Plus like so: EXEC dbms_lock.sleep(10);exec dbms_lock.sleep(10); but not in another stored procedure or function like so CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE FOOBAR AS BEGIN DBMS_LOCK.SLEEP(1); END; /CREATE OR […]

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Fun with sql


What’s all the fuss about this SQL Injection thing? It boils down getting some malicious crafted SQL code into the SQL code of an application, destroying data or authenticate yourself without knowing any real password. xkdc has a nice explanation. The simple cases base on wrong escaped strings and the like. But as this SQL […]

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