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Unicode substrings in Ruby 1.8.x


Here is how to get correct unicode substrings in Ruby 1.8.x require ‘jcode’ $KCODE = ‘u’   "öäüÖÄÜß".split(//)[4,2].join # ÄÜrequire ‘jcode’ $KCODE = ‘u’ "öäüÖÄÜß".split(//)[4,2].join # ÄÜ Don’t know, if this performes well… In case you have better ideas, please drop me a comment.

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Redcloth / Textilize :hard_breaks is broken in Rails 2.3.4


The default behavior for quite a long time was :hard_breaks in the textilize helper method in rails. Hard Breaks means: All line breaks are turned into <br />’s. Somebody changed the textilize helper in “actionpack-2.3.4/lib/action_view/helpers/text_helper.rb” in 2.3.4 and added the ability to pass some options but broke the default behavior here: def textilize(text, *options) options […]

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Creating a self containing mvc application with Sinatra


I recently presented, a Sinatra based application written in Ruby. Its main purpose for me is to keep track of my milage in 2009. Although the application is completely self containing it has some nice features: Simple setup The application is simple and i didn’t want to use a “big” database like PostgreSQL or […]

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Phusion Passenger and memcached / memcache-client


I recently switch from a mod_proxy / thin setup to Phusion Passenger and my application started to do the funniest things and the production.log was full with errors related to memcached. It seems, that passengers spawn method “smart” isn’t compatible with memcached. Within seconds on a lightly loaded server the cache gets corrupted big time. […]

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