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OCPJP, Talks and the Spring Boot Buch


January was an intense month, even if it started with a week off. I didn’t have vacation during the seasons like my wife. Sad thing: We couldn’t really spend the vacation together, but that seems to be the standard when both parents are working and the number of holiday days doesn’t fit the number of […]

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SCJP, finally!


More than a year ago i decided to do the Sun Certified Java Programmer. Shortly after i bought this book, the projects at work and at home were somewhat overwhelming and after all, i realized that a big part of the SCJP is about some weird, crazy and sometimes wrong design decisions of the Java […]

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Beyond all evil: Javas definition of an object


Some days i ago, i decided to revamp my ambitions to get the scjp thingy done. What exactly for, i don’t know. But working to the self tests, i found the following: class Ring { final static int x2 = 7; final static Integer x4 = 8; public static void main(String[] args) { Integer x1 […]

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Java crazyness


Someone must be hit really hard with some curly braces when he implemented the following behaviour: public class Braindead { public static void main(String[] args) { Integer i1 = 10; Integer i2 = 10;   Integer i3 = 128; Integer i4 = 128;   compare(i1, i2); compare(20, 20); compare(i3, i4); }   public static void […]

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Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5


So then, to generate some pressure: Let’s get the party started… 😉 Edit: Just realized, that one of my new domains doesn’t work as java package name, damn it… Just memorize: Valid identifiers starts with a connecting or text character, have no operator signs in them and are no keywords.

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