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Linux: Persistent wake-on-lan


Just a quick reminder for myself: You need to enable wake-on-lan on the nic in most linux distributions via ethtool. If your nic supports WOL, it probably needs to be enabled in your computers BIOS first. Most WOL tools use the “MagicPacket(tm)” method, so the right command to enable it on the nic “eth0” would […]

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How to change the image assets path in Rails


I found no other way to change the path of “images” in a Rails application than monkey patching the AssetTagHelper like so: module ActionView module Helpers #:nodoc: module AssetTagHelper def image_path(source) compute_public_path(source, ‘static_images’) end alias_method :path_to_image, :image_path # aliased to avoid conflicts with an image_path named route end end endmodule ActionView module Helpers #:nodoc: module […]

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SVN: Revert to previous version


Just a quick reminder: To revert a complete working copy or a single file use: svn merge -rHEAD:PREV . # or svn merge -rHEAD:PREV path/to/file svn commit -m "reverted"svn merge -rHEAD:PREV . # or svn merge -rHEAD:PREV path/to/file svn commit -m "reverted"

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Phusion Passenger and memcache-client revisited


The last Passenger update brought some good explanation off the problems regarding Passenger and memcache-client (see here). Smart spawning of Passenger processes creates shared file descriptors. As the connections to memcached are sockets they are shared as well so data on them gets corrupted which is explained very nicely in the Passenger documentation: Example 1: […]

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Phusion Passenger and memcached / memcache-client


I recently switch from a mod_proxy / thin setup to Phusion Passenger and my application started to do the funniest things and the production.log was full with errors related to memcached. It seems, that passengers spawn method “smart” isn’t compatible with memcached. Within seconds on a lightly loaded server the cache gets corrupted big time. […]

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