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New theme


I’ve been using the old “PlainTextBlog” theme since 2006, when i started writing this blog, time for a change, i guess. I was very happy with the free template for by, so i gave Pixelarity i try and bought access for some months. This theme here is now based on Archetype and I’m […]

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Patching wp-cache for more security


I use wp-cache on all my blogs all the time. No need waiting for being slashdotted or heised. But wp-cache comes with a security flaw. It requires the webserver to have write access on $WP_HOME/wp-content/cache and $WP_HOME/wp-content. The first part is perfectly reasonable, the second not. wp-cache creates it’s wp-cache-config.php in that place and edits […]

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WordPress 2.5 and http error codes


Am i the only one who’s annoyed that WordPress 2.5 sends a http 500 code if a commentor doesn’t fill in all required fields? Any Internet Explorer 6 or 7 user won’t see any error message but a “this page cannot be displayed!” page. Stupid decision. Otherwise, the update went smooth as far as i […]

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A muzzle for WordPress 2.3 and the Akismet Plugin


As reported here and elsewhere, Dexter is somewhat talkative. I recommend the following 2 steps program: Stop sending your url If you already have used WordPress 2.3, use the 123 Anonymer Versionscheck 0.10. It will anonymize your data, but a minimum of 1 request with personal data will happen, that is while using the plugin […]

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WordPress uptodate checker

Yesterday i’ve installed WordPress 2.3 without too much problems. The new uptodate check for plugins is nice, out of question, but already yesterday i thought: hm, everybody is whining about Microsoft products phoning home, nobody gives a shit about wordpress doing the same. The Nighwatchman has an in depth analysis about the data transferred to […]

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