Turning off x_send_file in development mode

January 23, 2008 by Michael

I just discovered the great x_send_file plugin and technique and use it extensivly for daily fratze. I replaced the majority of send_file calls with x_send_file but not all (the in memory thingies i serve cannot be send through apache). This works great in production mode but in development mode, it fails as there is no apache sitting in front the mongrels. Therefore i added the following to my $app_home/config/environments/development.rb:

class ActionController::Base
  def x_send_file(path, options = {})
    send_file(path, options)

So all calls to x_send_file in dev mode are delegated to the original send_file.

If anyone can present me a cleaner solution, i.e. with method aliasing, feel free to drop a comment.

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