Monthly Archives: February 2008

3 days with Linux


Since Tuesday i installed Debian Linux 4 times on my new Dell Vostro 200. The choice of hardware was kinda stupid. I thought, well this thing is not a special thingy but plain standard. Well, seems, it isn’t. The first setback was, that the Debian installer booted from CD-Rom but didn’t recognize it afterwards. Yippie… […]

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Weird java generics…


Generics are not totally bad but one can write really creepy things: final FutureTask<Collection<LeitungsachseTK25>[]> ft = new FutureTask<Collection<LeitungsachseTK25>[]>( new Callable<Collection<LeitungsachseTK25>[]>() { public Collection<LeitungsachseTK25>[] call() throws Exception { Seems like XML and Java finally married… 😉

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