1433 commits or: gitshots 2013

December 31, 2013 by Michael

While my project is full of pictures, this blog lacks some images and stuff…

So for the last post in 2013 and the last commit being from the night before, i’ll add some fun content, a time-lapse of 1433 gitshots since July, 21st. Gitshot? What the heck is a git shot?

This post-commit hook:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
unless File.directory?(File.expand_path("../../rebase-merge", __FILE__))
  system "/opt/local/bin/imagesnap -q -w 1 #{file} &"
exit 0

Everytime i make a commit, the webcam takes a picture using and puts it in ~/.gitshots. The whole idea was inspired by Víctors .

This is how it looks:

I must say i was shocked… I look horrible while coding. Sorry, dear colleagues, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Most of the time.

Having said that, all the best for 2014. Enjoy coding and life.

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