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May 18, 2007 by Michael

I have the need to use both Cicso Systems VPN Client as well as Watchguard Mobile Users VPN Client on Microsoft Windows (2000 and XP). I’ll never understand, why this stuff can’t be well standardized.

It’s a little tricky installing both.

First, install Ciscos Client, reboot, quit the client, removed it from autostart and then go to your services tab and change the starttyp of “Cisco Systems, Inc. VPN Service” from automatic to manuell and stop it like so:


Afterwards, you can install the Watchguards stuff. Again, reboot and remove their client from autostart. Then, deactive the current watchguard security policy, go to services and stop the following both services and set them to start only manually:


Both clients are mutually exclusive. You must stop both Watchguard services befor you can start the Cisco Service and vice versa. The clients won’t start respectivly won’t run without their corresponding services.

Additional information: If you need to use these products in a virtual machine like i do, it helps a lot to set the network mode to “bridged”.

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