Monthly Archives: May 2007

A little vpn zoo


I have the need to use both Cicso Systems VPN Client as well as Watchguard Mobile Users VPN Client on Microsoft Windows (2000 and XP). I’ll never understand, why this stuff can’t be well standardized. It’s a little tricky installing both. First, install Ciscos Client, reboot, quit the client, removed it from autostart and then […]

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WordPress 2.2 Update


Wordpress 2.2 arrived a day ago. Updating was no problem at all. Prominent new features are wigdet support without the need for an external plugin and a working atom 1.0 feed. I could drop two plugins: the widget plugin and the atom10 plugin. Nice. All others work as before (some important to mention are UTW, […]

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Removing 3rd party apps from .mac sync services


I recently tested Yojimbo and decided i have no use for this kind of tool, so i thrashed the app and all config files in my ~/Library. Some weeks later i reinstalled another Mac and set up the .Mac Synchronisation. No problem at all. I needed my ftp favorites on both machines so i turned […]

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