Monthly Archives: June 2007

Ruby On Rails the Java Way: Grails


Why is it, that you have to take at least 2 heavy frameworks (Spring and Hibernate), a scripting addition to Java (Groovy) and build another layer on top of it to achieve a fraction of RoRs functionality? At least, i seems to look nice… a lot of xml configuration madness less, nice urls and so […]

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Editing muxed mpeg1 and mpeg2 files for free on the mac


I recently had 2 muxed mpeg1 movies from my digital stil cam. They played nicely with my Quicktime 7.0 Pro with installed perian. Sound was also available without the seperate buyable QT MPEG-2 component. Nevertheless i couldn’t export these files to mpeg4 for example for uploading them to youtube. Apple clearly states: When you export […]

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I wanna visit some spamers with a chrome axe…


and replay a book by Bret Easton Ellis. Or at least smack them in the face. This blog received “just” ~1500 Comment- and trackbackspams since last thursday. On the 2nd place is my dailyfratze project and right behind, planet-punk. The quintessence: You must do some math if you wanna comment here, trackbacks are validated and […]

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