Monthly Archives: June 2007

On installing Windows Vista


A Microsoft employee describes installing Vista on his Dell Machine as a “personal hell”: It said “Copying files 0%”. And there it stayed. I left for half an hour, came back and it had copied files but was at “Expanding files 1%”. I went to bed, woke up the next morning expecting to see a […]

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Rails and Grails revisited


I’ve never thought that my little little post would made such an impact. While writing that post i was frustrated explaining the Spring configuration to my colleaques again, i was frustrated over the url mappings and so the post was a little harsh. I don’t think that Hibernate is inferior to Active Record, regarding Spring […]

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Make usable on a mac


This is by far the best tip ever for on OS X: Enable click-through in (using quartz-wm) With this enabled you don’t have to click twice on a Gimp window for using a tool. Great! Found on

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