Monthly Archives: December 2007

Why opinionated software sucks… Not!


The best software has a vision. The best software takes sides. Make Opinionated Software There’s been a lot of discussion around David Heinemeier Hanssons principle of “opinionated software”. Some people say that “to David, a piece of opinionated software is written in such a way that makes it easy to do things one way and […]

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Installing Oracle 11g Database on OEL5


As a last post in the series (1, 2, 3, 4): Installing the latest and greatest incarnation of the Oracle Database named “Oracle 11g” on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 running as a paravirtualized machine on Oracle VM Server. Honestly, i was afraid of installing Oracle the first time under a linux environment but i must […]

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Installing Oracle VM Server

As promised, i’d like to share some experience with installing the new “Oracle VM Server”. The product isn’t as new as Oracle wants you to believe, it’s based on Xen 3.1.1 “with many, many performance enhancements done by our engineers”. We’ll see. After unpacking our shiny new Dell (The rabat action was entitled “My First […]

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