Installing Oracle 11g Database on OEL5

December 12, 2007 by Michael

As a last post in the series (1, 2, 3, 4): Installing the latest and greatest incarnation of the Oracle Database named “Oracle 11g” on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 running as a paravirtualized machine on Oracle VM Server.

Honestly, i was afraid of installing Oracle the first time under a linux environment but i must say, the installation was pleasantly easy, following the steps described here. No surprises at all. My host has a fixed IP adress, no problem with DHCP (although a don’t quite get why this should be any problem at all).

Fun started after stopping the database.

First: SELINUX is enabled per default under OEL5. I found the following tutorial which recommends turning SELINUX off. I disagree with that.

After installation complets, the following commands are necessary to enable Oracle to load its shared objects and to some text relocation with it:

chcon -t textrel_shlib_t /opt/app/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/lib/
chcon -t textrel_shlib_t /opt/app/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/lib/
chcon -t textrel_shlib_t /opt/app/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/lib/
chcon -t textrel_shlib_t /opt/app/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/lib/

otherwise you’ll some errors like

/opt/app/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/bin/ocrconfig.bin: error while loading shared libraries: /opt/app/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/lib/ cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

(Paths may vary) when starting the database.

Speaking of starting, Oracle comes with no batteries included, i.e. a startup script is missing.

I started with the one described here and added some lines to start the enterprise manager controll, see resources below.

In the meantime, the first import should be finished. The performance of 11g seems ok, on a virtual machine with a minimum of 1GB Ram. Maybe i’ll post some more impressions in a few weeks.


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