Monthly Archives: January 2008

I care.


Tante did it again and wrote a wity rant agains “CrApple”, read it here. This post among a lots of other things that i recently experienced with OS X 10.5.x on my MacBook and my PPC iMac lead me to one conclusion: Just try it linux for the desktop once again. The last time i […]

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A weird hotline call…


Yesterday I had a very strange telephone conversation, but for what its worth, a very kind and pleasant one. Bloggers in Germany often write about devastating calls to phone, computer or software hotlines. About employees who give a shit about the actual problem. This post isn’t going to be one of them. I called the […]

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Turning off x_send_file in development mode

I just discovered the great x_send_file plugin and technique and use it extensivly for daily fratze. I replaced the majority of send_file calls with x_send_file but not all (the in memory thingies i serve cannot be send through apache). This works great in production mode but in development mode, it fails as there is no […]

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Using rubyzip to create zip files on the fly


In my Daily Fratze project the users should be able to download their faces as a zip file backup. Until now they have been able to upload zip files. For that, i used rubyzip which worked quite well. As a starting point i found a nice article on the joy of rubyzip, but this has […]

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Notes on RedHat / Oracle Enterprise Linux, ADS und Samba


Recently i needed windows clients to access a directory on the database server from which CLOBs where created. Since the server is an Oracle Enterprise Linux, i could follow the steps explained behind the following link to get Samba up and running with the Active Directory run by a Windows 2k3 server: Which steps must […]

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