Monthly Archives: January 2008

Safari Webinspektor


Vor fast 1.5 Jahren schrieb ich im Zusammenhang mit Daily Fratze on rails über den Safari Inspektor, der damals nur in den Nightlies verfügbar war: Damaliges Daily Fratze Preview. Leider habe ich den Inspektor im aktuellen Safari 3 nie mehr gesehen, bis ich vor ein paar Tagen auf das SülzOMat Blog stieß. Einfach im Terminal […]

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Oracle 11g: Default case-sensitive passwords

ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied Yiipiee… Although i created my schema with the usually scripts we use, i got a logon denied… Switching context from Oracle Forms 6 to Reports 6… (Please, don’t say anything about legacy apps). I didn’t notify that passwords are now case-sensitive in a Oracle database (which is a good thing), […]

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From Parallels Desktop to VirtualBox


For backup and testing purpose i keep a virtualized version of my webserver running under Parallels Desktop for Mac on my mac. Recently Dell had some very convenient offers on their PowerEdge machines and i could barely resist to buy one, but finally, i managed to: cut the crap, i don’t want to have even […]

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