Monthly Archives: July 2008

Sony Ericsson C702: Show received and send traffic


Once again, a quick reminder for myself: Howto display the internet traffic on your Sony Ericsson C702: Menü, #, 4th Tab, 5 (On a german phone: “Einstellungen / Anrufe / Zeit und Kosten”) I guess that works with other SEs like K800i and K850i. I remember an old SE that i had which always displayed […]

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Make XQuartz more usable

This post is an update to Make usable on a mac: The “Click through” property on both Apples X11 and the X11 provided by XQuartz is not set. This leads to the fact, that you have to click on each X11 window twice: First activating it, 2nd pushing a button or whatever else. I […]

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Data organisation


The way i organize my data has changed a lot over the last years. Way back in the last millennium i had folders for everything. A folder within a folder within folders. And somewhere buried deep within that, my applications, music, pictures, email and whatnot. Although Apple does the best a company can going from […]

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Put your mac to rest via ssh


Sometimes my Macbook decides to wake up from his sleep (a.k.a hibernation). Most of the times i notice this at work when my emails disappear from my imap inbox as applies his rules. As i do not have Apple Remote Desktop or any other VNC server enabled on my Macbook, i do have a […]

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