Monthly Archives: July 2008

Firefox 3 Mouse Wheel Zoom


Zooming with the CTRL+Mouse Wheel Up/Down has been in inversed in Firefox 3. In version 2 you zoomed in (enlarged the text) with CTRL+Mouse Wheel Down and zoomed out with CTRL+Mouse Wheel Up, its now in Firefox 3 the other way round. The revert back to the old behaviour, change mousewheel.withcontrolkey.numlines = 1 to mousewheel.withcontrolkey.numlines […]

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regex: URL thingy with username, password, host and port


Just in case i do keep forgetting that stuff, here’s a regex for decoding urls like ftp://user:somepass@somehost:someport in Java: final Hashtable<String, Integer> portMap = new Hashtable<String, Integer>(); portMap.put("ftp", 21); portMap.put("sftp", 22);   final Pattern urlPattern = Pattern.compile("(ftp|sftp)://(\\S+):(\\S+)@([\\S&&[^:]]+)(:(\\d+))?");   final Matcher m = urlPattern.matcher(url); if(!m.matches()) throw new RuntimeException("Invalid ftp url!");   final String protocol =; […]

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