Monthly Archives: May 2014

JaCoCo, Maven and NetBeans 8 integration


I was looking for a nice solution to measure the code coverage in my Spring Boot biking project. It should support Java 8, Maven and for added bonus, my IDE. I ended up using JaCoCo respectively the Maven plugin. If you expect a lengthier post, i must disappoint you. All that was need to turn […]

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Java 8: Grouping stuff


I needed a function to sum (and therefor group) the values of a map of objects to Integers. My first solution was something like As you can see, i use the collect method with a custom supplier, accumulator and combiner. The supplier prepares a new map, the accumulator takes the map and an entry and […]

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Java 8: Sort or find maximum, minimum entries in maps


This is cool: Map.Entry#comparingByKey and Map.Entry#comparingByValue. They both take another comparator or lambda that is used as a delegate for creating a Map.Entry comparator, that can be used to sort maps or find maximum and minimum pairs in a map by key or value like in the following example: import java.time.LocalDate; import java.util.Map; import java.util.Random; […]

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