How to screw up iMessages and FaceTime on your iDevice

May 30, 2014 by Michael

Recently i managed to screw up iMessages and FaceTime on my phone. Well, not exactly i screwed up, but Apple did.

Some months back i changed my Apple ID but kept the old email address as verified other address in my Apple account. I changed all iCloud settings (Sharing etc.) on all Apple devices because they wouldn’t authorize. iMessages and FaceTime didn’t complain at this time, neither on iDevices nor on a desktop.

Some days ago i decided to change my password and then things went bad. iCloud settings complained as expected but so did iMessages and FaceTime.

The problem? Both programs kept the old Apple ID in their settings and as soon as i hit the Apple-Id button to change it, the modal dialogue that the password was wrong kept popping up. This was the case in both iMessage and FaceTime.

The solution? Hitting the dialogue and the settings button on my iPhone like a madman… I didn’t expect this to work and was ready to reset my phone but sometime my timing was right.

Well. Pretty bad UX fail on Apples side.

So, if you want to change your Apple ID, remember to change this in iMessages and FaceTime immediately if this programs don’t complain right away.

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