Short end of the year status update.

Where is all the blogging gone?
December 23, 2019 by Michael

Last year – 2018 – I ended up with 21 post on my blog, this one here, the last of this decade at this blog, will be the 11th of 2019. What happened?

I have been working more than ever, and happier than ever. Together with Gerrit Meier, we managed to bring down the open issues on Neo4j-OGM under ten (without just closing them) and at the same time designing two new projects: A Spring Boot Starter for Neo4j without any object mapping at all and SDN/RX, a new object mapping framework with a focus on reactive database access.

I started the year with a lot of JUG talks (see my Speakerdeck), in the Netherlands, in Switzerland and a couple in Germany. In between, we did a couple of talks at the EuregJUG as well.

So, busy times for blogging, at least on this platform.

I posted several Neo4j related posts on Medium. I personally like this one the best: How to choose an unique identifier for your database entities. I think it applies to other systems, too. You’ll find more interesting content at our Medium Neo4j magazine.

Late November, Ralf nerd-snipped me to participate in Advent of Code and wow, I got hit for good. I managed to come up with not only two stars each day, but a blog post as well for 13 days in December. Find my solutions at Ralf’s fan site Christina just bluntly told me after the tenth day: “Stop it, your mood is getting increasingly worse.” and that was a good thing to do.

I submitted some Call for Papers next year, mostly about reactive programming with Neo4j and Spring Data Neo4j RX and with a bit of luck, I’ll be at some conferences.

The one thing I’m looking very much forward however is in March 2020:

2019 has one of the most rewarding years I had in my professional and private life. While a casual reader of my blog might probably think “well, that guy is just doing fine”, that’s not always true. I often struggle, make mistakes and bad things happen. I’m gonna talk about some conscious decisions – like the one above, stop doing things (AoC) – and some things that might look like decisions but might have been just a couple of lucky coincides.

Anyway, until then, have a good holiday season at the end of the year and all the best for 2020.

Featured photo by Trent Erwin on Unsplash.

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