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VMware Fusion Ctrl+Alt+Del


And again, another quick reminder for myself: How to enter/send Ctrl+Alt+Del with VMware Fusion without using the menubar: On an external keyboard: Ctrl+Alt+Del (⌃+⌥+⌦) On an internal MacBook keyboard: Fn+Ctrl+Alt+Del (Fn+⌃+⌥+⌦)

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Mac OS X Lion loses network connection after sleep


Sleep related problems have never been a problem for me with OS X (at least the sleep of the machine) since Lion. Sleep works perfectly fine but after wake my machine has no internet connection anymore, at least it looks like this. It’s only domains that aren’t resolved anymore. It also affects wired and wifi […]

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Migrate OS X to a bigger hard disk


I wanted to upgrade my 2008 MacBook (the aluminium one without firewire) with a bigger and especially faster hdd. I chose a Hitachi Travelstar 7k500. So far, it was a good choice. This tip does only apply to an HFS+ formatted drive with a GUID partition table. I already had a (bootable) backup that i […]

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iTunes terminal tipps 2010


4 years ago i had a first iTunes terminal tipp, here is a round up (all terminal tipps require Mac OS X): Invert the iTunes Store links in the list The littler arrows can either point to the iTunes store or to the same artist or album in your library. Invert their behavior to let […]

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