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Git snippets


These are a view things that i had looked up to solve some problems and i plan to update this post regularly… To push a new branch to remote git push origin new_branchgit push origin new_branch To delete a remote branch git push origin :new_branchgit push origin :new_branch To push new tags git push –tags […]

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Scripted network mounts with Windows


I have some services and scheduled tasks that call a Batch file under windows. The scheduled tasks cannot access network drives that the assigned user has defined, but luckily there is a “mount” pendant within Windows as well. To mount a network share within the Batch script use: net use t: \\server\share /persistent:no The authentication […]

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Create reusable MySQL schema dumps


In case you need a MySQL schema transferred from one host to another and the schema names differ, you can ran into problems with a standard MySQL dump. Use the following statement to create a schema dump that contains all table and view definitions as well as all stored procedures without a reference to the […]

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Oracle NLS-Lang Settings


To use SQL*Plus Windows correctly, export NLS_LANG like so: set NLS_LANG=GERMAN_GERMANY.WE8MSWIN1252 If you prefer the command line client SQL*Plus, export NLS_LANG like so: set NLS_LANG=GERMAN_GERMANY.WE8PC850

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