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Yet another incarnation of my ongoing scrobbles


These days my computer work is mostly concerned with all things Neo4j. Being it Spring Data Neo4j, the Cypher DSL, our integration with other frameworks and tooling or general internal things, among them being part of the Cypher language group. In contrast to a couple of years, I don’t spent that much time around a […]

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Music 2020. Wrapped.


Everyone and their dog is posting their Spotify Wrapped thing. It’s 2020, i still don’t have Spotify, but despite my increasing age, I still listen to a ton of music. When I started to work remotely back in 2018, one of the biggest perks for me was – apart from not having to commute – […]

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SQL Snippets


Some useful SQL Snippets: Oracle Create a date without any formatting hassle (like to_date): SELECT DATE’2014-01-01′ FROM dual;select date’2014-01-01′ from dual; Extract values as numbers from a date object SELECT EXTRACT (YEAR FROM DATE’2013-05-06’) FROM dual; SELECT EXTRACT (MONTH FROM DATE’2013-05-06’) FROM dual; SELECT EXTRACT (DAY FROM DATE’2013-05-06’) FROM dual;select extract (year from date’2013-05-06′) from […]

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mysqldump / mysql tips


Two tips to make your life with mysqldump easier and your backups better: The following command creates a full backup of your mysql server including all databases and structures (including views and(!) stored procedures) along with the data: mysqldump -uroot -proot –opt –routines –add-drop-database –default-character-set=utf8 –create-options –all-databases | \ bzip2 > backup.sql.bz2mysqldump -uroot -proot –opt […]

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